Florida EIN Application: Simplifying Tax ID Registration for Businesses

What is an EIN?

If you’re considering starting a business in Florida or acquiring an existing one, and you’re at the stage of hiring your first employee or opening a bank account under your business name, obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN) is necessary.

An EIN is a federal tax identification number used by various entities, including businesses, non-profits, trusts, estates, and others. This guide aims to assist you in acquiring an EIN in Florida and provides a brief overview of the distinctions between state and federal tax ID numbers.

In Florida, most businesses require an EIN to hire employees and handle tax withholdings for independent contractors. Additionally, an EIN is needed for filing federal tax returns such as corporate tax returns, partnership tax returns, and excise taxes.

Even if an acquired business already possesses an established EIN, you’ll still need to obtain a new Florida EIN number for that business. It’s possible that you may also need a Florida state tax ID number for your specific business circumstances. Read on for valuable tips on obtaining an EIN in Florida.

Gathering the Necessary Details:

To begin the process, collect relevant information about your business. These details are usually simple and readily accessible to business owners, either from memory or existing records.

You will need to provide your business name and contact information. Additionally, you should gather the name, tax ID, and phone number of the responsible party for the business. This individual should be an owner, partner, or director and must be an individual rather than a business entity.

Other crucial information to have on hand includes the number of employees currently employed by your business and a brief explanation of why your business requires an EIN.

EIN Processing


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In order to employ individuals, businesses, and nonprofits operating in Florida are required to obtain a Florida EIN number. Furthermore, an EIN is necessary for filing federal tax returns and conducting banking activities. If you are uncertain whether your Florida business necessitates an EIN, it is advisable to seek guidance from a professional specializing in business formation.

No, EINs (Employer Identification Numbers) are not issued by the Florida Secretary of State. EINs are assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which is a federal agency responsible for tax administration in the United States. The Florida Secretary of State's office handles business registrations and other state-specific requirements, but the issuance of EINs falls under the jurisdiction of the IRS.

No, an EIN (Employer Identification Number) is not the same as a Florida Tax ID number.

An EIN is a federal tax identification number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to businesses, nonprofits, trusts, estates, and other entities for federal tax purposes. It is used for various federal tax obligations, such as filing tax returns and handling payroll taxes.

On the other hand, a Florida Tax ID number, also known as a Florida Sales and Use Tax Certificate, is issued by the Florida Department of Revenue. It is specifically used for state tax purposes, such as collecting and remitting sales tax in the state of Florida.

While both numbers serve tax-related purposes, an EIN is a federal identification number, whereas a Florida Tax ID number is specific to the state of Florida and is used for state tax obligations.